March 16, 2015

My recent media post!

Hey everyone! I posted a quick update on my IG and fb and it touched a lot of people! I had messages pouring in. I am so happy to help others! A few fitness icons helped me that way so I thought by passing my story on to others I could help too! :)

"December 2014 was when I hit rock bottom. I remember laying in bed at school just emotionally destroyed. "What are you living for?" kept playing over and over in my head. At the time, my eating disorder seemed to be coming back in a larger form than before. I couldn't drag my butt to the gym no matter how hard I tried. I was doing poorly in my classes. So to put it all lightly, I was a mess. It was that night I prayed and took a shot in the dark by reaching out to Cat (now my amazing coach!) and asked her if she was taking on any clients. 😉 And thank goodness because I made use of the rock bottom I had hit to build my foundation. I remember sending in my "before" pictures just absolutely disgusted with myself. BUT I told myself I had to love me for me, right now in the moment. If I didn't love myself at my worst, how could I love myself at my best? After I started training with Cat, everything else started falling into place. You know how they say training and eating clean helps you prioritize the rest of your life? Well it really has! Through this, I am getting stronger not just physically, but mentally too. Eating has always been a roller coaster, but now that I have a coach, nutritionist and therapist on my side, I am really seeing positive changes. Everything about this lifestyle is hard and mentally taxing but I wouldn't change it for anything. I love taking on each day as it is and to not worrying about anything else. I wish I could tell others who are struggling with an ED and/or self loathing that there is a healthy fix! It's definitely not easy, but it's better than sitting around and letting your old habits destroy you. I'm really hoping that by sharing my story, I can help others. Even if it only speaks to one person, I will be happy. There is no need to put up with your unhappy lifestyle one more minute. I didn't wait for a new year or a new week, I took action right away. And I encourage the same for you. It's never too late and you're never too fargone. ❤️"

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