February 18, 2015


I'm going to be honest, I've never participated in Lent before.  Some might call it being a "bad" Christian, but I always thought of it as a catholic ritual so I did not know I could participate!  Well, I'm excited to take part now. :)

What is Lent?  It is the observation the the 40 days before Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross (Easter).  He suffered immensely during that time so it's a way of "suffering" or giving up something of comfort for Christ.

I am all for giving up something bad in order to get closer with God, but do I think it should be limited to just 40 days, no.  I say, try forming a healthy habit that inhibits the bad habit instead.  Example: 

Addicted to soda? Try drinking more water.  

Only pray at church once a week?  Try praying every day when you wake up.

Hate to workout?  Try finding an athletic hobby you enjoy (i.e. ice skating, running, swimming, etc.) 

Hate attending church/don't have a church?  Try finding a church that fits you and your needs or try a night church/bible study/etc. Anything that gets you connected to the right people. 

Drink way too much alcohol?  Try cutting back by going out less and/or subbing more drink of water or sparkling water. 

See?  These are all ideas for baby steps. Going cold turkey rarely works and usually follows up with a relapse.  

My choice for Lent is to pray more.  I pray a lot, but I have found they are short prayers without very much substance.  I dedicate the next 40 days to pray about concerning matters in my life, community, world and really POUR MY HEART out to God.  

Happy Lent, all!  My you find a good thing to give up or a healthy habit to form in honor of The One and Only! ❤️ 

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