April 9, 2013

Letter to me

Fast forward into the future (I'm 38 years old or something like that haha), and I'm writing my younger (college-age) self a letter.  This is what I would say to her about her life right now.

1.  Stop worrying about your future.  There is no use losing sleep over this because as long as you are working to the best of your ability than you have nothing to worry about.  Yes, you're the one who shapes your future so live each day like like you know what you're doing even if you don't.  Get involved, but don't overwhelm yourself.  Stay in school, don't give up.  Do your homework, study, and don't party more than twice a week.  When you get to be- oh- about 35, you'll understand everything I am saying right now.  But knowing you, you get what I'm saying right now.  You're pretty bright.

2.  When the boys at school tell you you're smart, don't disregard it.  You ARE smart.  Sure, you slip up on the things you say from time to time or you get a D on an exam.  Who cares?  Will you remember any of that in five years?  No.  So keep your chin up.  You're intelligent and more importantly you have street smarts to boot.  Keep up with the schooling and don't stop.  Go on to get your Masters if you're feeling up to it, I encourage you to do so!  If not though, you're life won't be so bad off, so either way you're winning.  Just study whenever you have the chance, but don't forget to give yourself a break, no use burning yourself out and having a mental breakdown in college!  Stop being so hard on yourself and your academic ability.

3.  Don't worry about boys, men, males, guys, the other sex...  Just stop it.  Now.  College life is definitely more fun single, so take this time to enjoy your singleness.  All I have to say is college boys are nothing but trouble at this point.  Don't get me wrong, they can be sweet, caring and potentially be boyfriend material, but leave that for the future.  And with that being done, you're giving them more time to take shape mentally and physically.  Just be patient, keep on waiting for what you know you deserve.

4.  Keep being active by continuing at the gym every chance you get.  And don't forget to keep up on your veggie intake.  Junk food can be so tempting, but learn to do without.  But the time you turn 38, you'll thank me.  It does not get any easier as you grow older...  It kind of gets worse.  But hang in there!  Since it's a lifestyle, you've got this.  :)

5.  Every time you say goodbye to someone, don't forget that it could be your last.  Visit Mrs. Gray, hug her tight and tell her how much she means to you every chance you get.  Treasure the memories you built with her.  Do the same for your grandmothers, grandfather, and all the rest of the people who hold a special place in your heart.  Life is short!  Spend time with the people who mean the most to you.  Go home on the weekends and spend quality time with your mom (your best friend), go out to Cali to see Mike and JoAnn, help out Aunt Errin as she struggles with cancer.  Gain wisdom from all the elderly people in your life because life is short and who knows how many days we have left to reside on this earth.  If your friends at school laugh at you, shake it off and move on.  While they are spending their nights making memories they'll never remember (I'm not saying this is necessarily bad, but there is a time and place for it, just remember that), you will be chatting over a cup of tea with your aunt.  This time is fleeting, soak it in!

6.  Lastly, keep God as number one in your life.  You will be put up against struggles, but with the help from your loving Lord, He will see you through it all.  Don't forget to attend church, don't forget to say your prayers, and don't forget to forgive/be forgiven every chance you get.  God is going to humble you, Emily, so take it in stride.  Learn from His hand and you will grow in so many ways you never knew were possible.  Abide in Him, that's really all I have to stress here.  Abide in HIM.

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