April 8, 2013

Greek Week 2013

Greek Week has officially begun, so I hope y'all are ready for some crazy days ahead. It's time to flaunt some Greek pride and let this Uni know who WE are and... Along with our [lovely] Greek opponents...

What is Greek Week? Okay, please just bypass this post right now because if you are in a position to ask such a question than you're obviously a GDI and wouldn't understand. Sooo, with that being said, I'm sorry (not really). Greek Week is just a week for all sororities and fraternities on campus to come together and beat the hell out of each other in gaming events and such. Good sportsmanship comes to mind, okay yeah. Oh and we just have blast. Like mind-blowing-you'll-never-know-how-much-fun kind of fun. Sorry 'bout it.

How you act is key, how you dress is key and how you represent your sorority is KEY. This week is about having fun so don't ruin it with a sour attitude towards another sorority. I mean, not to be cocky, but DZ will dominate this week. Y'all just hold tight because I'm foreseeing the future. Boom.

But otherwise, let's keep it classy.

Oh yeah, and remember how I posted last year about frat boys being trouble... Scratch that. Please just do. I repent. I mean, they really are, but at the same time they're not... Right? Okay, I'm done with this paragraph.

Here's to Greek Week 2013! I hope y'all are in the zone because you can be sure as hell that I am!! Pow!

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