February 11, 2013


I couldn't tell you the first time I met this woman, but I have kind of always grown up with the knowledge that she was a member at the church my parents were members at. She's very lean and hosts a small frame, she's quite beautiful and has a tattoo right on her forearm for the whole world to see. The tattoo reads her daughter's name (will not include names to respect privacy) who died 22 years ago. Her daughter died due to a "doctor" in an abortion clinic.

Over the past couple of years I have come to know this woman and of her deep regret for her late daughter. She is now spreading the word about the after-effects of abortion, the heart wrenching ache you feel after you go through with the process. As christians, we know abortion is completely wrong. In no way is it right or even acceptable. But somewhere along the line some people who "claim" to be Christ followers get a little mixed up. They go off on rants and start saying nasty things that no one in their right mind should say. Now this woman that I know is doing a risky thing, spreading the word that abortion is wrong and shouldn't be done. The media is all for "convenience" and if a baby isn't convenient than it should be gotten rid of! Asap! So, when a conservative, christian woman takes a stand, you can bet she is going to get flack from not only the media (and liberals), but so-called christians as well.

I'd like to just take a moment to say, shame on you for judging a woman based on her past. We ALL make mistakes. We have all sinned, we have all fallen, we have all given into temptation. But we have ALL been forgiven by a Savior who loves us no matter what.

Nothing makes me more upset than people calling other people names based on their past. Calling a woman who received an abortion a "murderer" or "whore" is not Jesus-like. It accomplishes nothing. It doesn't help, it doesn't heal, and most importantly, it doesn't show love to the girls/women who need it the most. You wouldn't scream "liar" to fellow follower of Christ if you knew they were a chronic liar (well maybe you would, but then you totes have too much time on your hands), same goes for someone who had an abortion. Both are sins and both are viewed the same by the Lord. And both are forgiven.

Next time you see someone you know stand up for pro-life, support them. Thank them, pray for them... What the heck, join them! I can imagine it's not easy admitting to a sin as grievous as abortion, but the fact that this woman I know is fighting for unborn lives is amazing. She is out there helping girls that are in the same exact shoes as she was (22 years earlier). Wouldn't you be much more accepting of advice if you knew that person had been in your place?

If you have ever felt legit anger for a woman who's previously aborted her child, pray for not only her but yourself. You can not truly talk to her about it unless you are doing it out of the forgiveness of your heart. Even then, watch what you say. Most of those women feel regret and shame. Pray for them, pray for the women who still host a child, pray for the babies, pray that our country is brought to the light.

Remember that woman I introduced you to in the beginning? She's had an abortion and yet, she's still beautiful. Why? Because we ALL commit terrible sins, but our gracious Father forgives us. So like Him, we should forgive, move on and join in the fight for the unborn.

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