November 26, 2012

I am Thankful for...

My Thanksgiving break was pretty eventful in both good and bad ways.  It was somewhat of a strugglefest a few days, but overall I really enjoyed the break.

I am thankful for my two wonderful parents.  They have enriched my life so much and I have no idea where I would be without their love and support.  When it comes to sacrificing, their generosity knows no bounds.  I could never even begin to repay all that they have given me.  I am truly blessed.

I am thankful that my daddy is healing well from the “tree fort accident”.  He came home from the hospital in time for Thanksgiving!  His black eyes have almost completely vanished and I hope his skull heals itself.  So far so good!  And I am extremely happy for that.

On Saturday I found out that my dear friend (I like to call her my adoptive grandma) lost her battle with cancer and passed away.  It is one of the saddest moments I have ever known.  Yes, I have experienced death, but never have I lost someone I loved to that extent.  Mrs. Gray meant the world to me and even though I hadn’t talked to her for a while I would think of her often and remember all the great memories we shared.  Now that she is gone, my heart really aches and I get choked up just thinking about it.  I don’t know how long it will take until this pain heals, but I take comfort in the fact that she is with the good Lord in heaven and with her daughter (who died as a child).  I... Just miss her so much... So much I wish I could tell her right now.  What am I thankful about this situation?  I am thankful for the times we did have together.  Those countless hours down in her sewing room, gaining great knowledge, and learning how to dream.  She helped me sew my first quilt which now hangs in my dorm room.  I am also thankful that Mrs. Gray doesn’t have to suffer from pain and illness anymore and that she is reunited with her daughter, even if that means we (here on earth) have to say goodbye.

I am thankful for work.  This last weekend I worked all day Friday and Saturday.  So many people my age don’t have a good job like I do, so I am grateful for the opportunities that this job allows.  In fact, over Winterm, I will be going to Denver for their Western show and modeling!  I am so excited, it is always the highlight of my year - hands down.

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