October 30, 2012

It's almost Halloween out there and midterms.

I have been so busy with school.  But that's the excuse I tend to use a lot.  It's convenient and makes me seem like I am very studious.  The fact that midterms have been going on these last couple weeks has me tickled pink.  I've had zero midterm exams!  (Yeah, I'm taking the right amount of classes/credits.)  All my professors are going with their own curriculum I guess, so yay for me!

In other news, I moved out of my old dorm room and into a new one.  I won't get into it too much because I don't want to bitch about the situation for the whole internet to see, but my ex-roomie (won't give out her name, but you remember her, I've blogged about her a bit before) went from being sweet to SO scary.  I felt literally threatened on numerous accounts (by her and her "bf" at the time) and just couldn't put up with her bipolar attitude.  Anyways, I'm glad to be out of that stressful situation and in a more relaxed one.  My new roommate is Kailan and she is absolutely adorable.  She is so kind and down to earth.  She likes the color green and I like the color pink (Delta Zeta colors, go us!)  She doesn't bring creepy guys back to our room, which is SUCH a relief!  I am so grateful to have her as a roomie and a DZ sister.  (So glad I don't have to live alone in a dorm, phew.)

As for my sorority life, it has been busier than ever.  I am gearing up for being officially initiated in a few weeks and I can't wait.  I have been working on memorizing the creed, Greek alphabet, etc. on top of my studies.  I hope the test isn't too hard because I have been studying bio and not DZ stuff, haha.  Also, our ELC is here from Cali and she's been such a sweetheart.  We took her to Mall of America the other day and I think she loved it.  (I know I sure did.)  Love that place.  While we were there, I found the perfect little black dress for formal!  I am SO excited I cannot even begin to explain.  It's from Guess Brand and that's all I can tell you for now. :)  This weekend we are going back to MOA for a philanthropy project at Build a Bear.. it's to help children.  I will post more when I've got the deets.

As for diet and exercise, I have been somewhat OK with it.  I am not eating 100% right all the time, but I consider for college life I am doing good.  Haha.  I work out every day, but nothing like I used to do, unfortunately.  I usually get an hour in at the gym.  I consider that a good day.  I haven't lifted weights in FOREVER which makes me so depressed.  I need a lifting buddy.  But based on the offers I got last night on FB, I'm doing good and will be back to lifting in no time at all. :)

Well, that pretty much wraps up life around here.  Sorry I've been away for so long.  I'll try not to neglect this little bloggy anymore.  Cheers! XO<3 p="p">
This is my Big [sis] Sarah for Delta Zeta. I love her SO much. She means the world to me.

My legit sister and I at a UMD game a few weekends ago. Love spending time with her. I miss her so much.

My bff Sam. Spent my whole summer with her, now I'm spending my whole uni life with her too. Love her<3 td="td">

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