September 13, 2012

I haven't written enough papers this week alone so why not add some more writing to it?  I am dead bored on a Thursday night.  I am half wishing I was home chilling with my people back there and half wishing this day would just be over with so it can be Friday.  Miserable day, but I won't go into the deets.

School, thus far, has been great.  I love my classes (minus my psychology one) and all my professors are really sweet.  Psychology is going to be a struggle because 1. I don't care how people think and 2. my professor has a screechy/nasal voice that annoys me, a lot.  It's not a bad class in other words haha.

I thought moving down here would be a painful, but I've had the same mindset since the beginning and that is "what will be, will be".  Everything seems a whole lot better when you look at the world with that in mind.  Living in a dorm with all annoying freshman?  Meant to be.  Eating the same food  Meant to be.  Finding out that your roommate is one of your closest friends' ever? Meant to be, obvs!

Today may have been boring, a little weird, and kind of depressing.  But there's always tomorrow AND it's a Friday so that's enough to keep me going for today.  Night!

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  1. i have a professor who's voice puts me to sleep. literally! it's the worst.