August 12, 2012

How to Model Like Leah & Emily. {The BEST Photoshoot You'll Ever Take Part In.}

I get home at 10ish in the morning yesterday.  Mom tells me that we have a photo shoot to do.  Wow, I forgot and that's bad because I got like 3 hours of sleep and I still have on the-day-before makeup.  Anyways.  Getting ready in record time is my new bragging rights.  I did so while everyone was out shooting guns and then took a quick little nap.  (Don't ask why I didn't nap before the makeup.. whatever.)  Go get our outfits arranged for the shoot.  Put on outfits, shoot, do again.  It was hot out. Well, not enough to ruin our little shoot.  I was a goof, Leah was serious.  That's how it usually goes anyways.  I luff my sister.  Half of the proofs from the shoot are just silly ones where I couldn't hold still/smile/be serious/control my actions/be normal.  Leah on the other hand looks and acts like a total babe.  RM Tack by far is the best place to model for, well actually it's more of a shoo-in thing because we're related and don't eat half the unhealthy foods we'd like to.  It keeps us fairly skinny..  Go health nuts.  It gets you modeling jobs.  Wearing WC made me miss it.  January, come sooner!

Follow RM Tack on Facebook to see the REAL official photos (aka the reason we did this shoot). Marketing, gotta love it.  Well because it's a blast. :)


  1. You guys look adorable, love the jean design.

  2. I love having photoshoots like this, they are the best :) I nominated you for the liebster award. If you would like to participate, check out my blog to find out how!