August 3, 2012

Cannot WAIT Until This Weekend.

I have been working too many hours this week by myself because I am starting to go insane..!  Example: I was going to close up shop tonight BUT 30 minutes before we closed, two women showed up and stayed suuuuper late.  It doesn't usually bug me, but tonight I had plans to go to my old 4-H's picnic and I'm sad I cannot go.  Thank god I only have a few hours tomorrow...  I am starting to question my sanity.

I, Emily Anne, am going to reward myself.  God knows I deserve it.  Okay, kidding, but seriously I am going to go blow off some steam at the gym.  It'll be a low-key night because I am still not feeling the best and I need to take it easy anyways.  (This morning I woke up at 3AM feeling sooo sick, then my alarm for bootcamp didn't go off so I barely showed up on time and then I had a crappy training because I felt like death, yuck.  Poor Jon, I definitely gave him the death glare the whole way through...)

Anyways, I get one whole week away from bootcamp!!  This is because we are taking Karl up to visit the cabin and Duluth.  Of course I am excited, but at the same time I feel sorry I have to miss two trainings (espsh. since Charlie is teaching, he's still a cutie, girls!  But mom says she thinks he's still in a relationship haha, oh.  Nevaaamind.)  So what should we do for workouts at the cabin?  I love to run up there, but I hope the bugs aren't bad because that could really shut'er down on the whole run plan.  Oh and did I mention that my mom just confessed to buying a heap of candy and other goodies for our little trip?!  This is going to be hard, but I am going to make it...  I hope.  Ha.  I'll really need to lace up my running shoes then...

Speaking of avoiding temptation, guess who failed her no process challenge?  I can try and work my way out of this one, so here it goes: I was SO close to making it, but on the night of Country Jam I ate... Wait for it....  Beef jerky and sodium-free potato chips.  I felt horrible.  But at 1 in the morning I was starving and NEEDED something.  Jamming out all night and no food does not go well together.  So I caved, and ate some of Vince's beef jerky.  I think it was homemade though.  But still.  I feel awful about this whole sitch because I, well, failed.  And I NEVER eat beef.  Who even am I?  But oh well.  So I think I made the bet, minus two days.

Okie doke, well have a great Friday and I try to post more in the days or weeks to come!

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