July 11, 2012

Ohhh Bradly.

If I ever had a favorite song it would have to be We Danced.  Okay, maybe all that statement does is show how big of a sap I am, but for real that song makes me feel so happy...  Happy about dancing and men being gentlemen and allllll that cute stuff.  So here's thanks to Brad Paisley for writing a great song that makes my heart a leeeettle emotional.  Other than that, I am into really depressing songs like divorces, breakups and all that un-fun stuff.  Haha, go me.

In other news that kindaaa has to do with with the subject; who's going to Country Jam?!  I know I'm going to try because peeps with student ID's get in for $50. Yep, only fifty dollars for three whole days.  I just want to go Saturday, though, because that's when Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean will be playing. AH! 

Well that's the latest.  Anyways, happy humps day!!

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