July 31, 2012

Life Has Been So Weird Lately.

Okay and there are many reasons as to why life has been weird.  First, and foremost, Karl has arrived.  Yeah, yeah I know he's been here nearly a week but the more days that we're all in the same house, the more I question how sane I really am.  But, for all you wondering, I am going to adopt him to be my "big" little brother.  I want him to stay longer even though we fight 98% of the time and try to inflict pain and/or stress on each other.  I made him donuts from breky this morning, he loves me.

Okay so we all know how I hate Facebook.  I do, it's really just so confusing!  But look at me now, eating my words.  Because... On Sunday the 29th of July I applied.  Now my phone wont stop dinging with notifications of friend requests which makes me wonder if it was worth signing up.  Hah...  (On a side note: At least I can stalk. 'Cus why else would people have FB?)

I have to work all of this week pretty much but then have a wedding to attend (shed a happy tear) and then it's cabin time!  I need a lake just as much as it needs me so I am looking forward to some tanning (err yeah) and relaxation.  Plus I think we are going to throw in going to Duluth in there as well, which I LOVE.  Duluth is seriously the best and if you have never been then I pity you.

Well that about wraps it up for now.  Have a good Tuesday, I know I'm going to enjoy mine. :)

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